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Vacant Property Alarms

If you have a vacant property, construction site or temporarily unused commercial premise, it might be easy to consider it impossible to protect in the absence of mains electricity or hardwired telephone lines. However, it’s entirely possible to install a vacant property alarm to run independently of mains power.

The Cerberus team offers years of experience in securing vacant properties, and have developed our professional alarm systems to provide assurance that your premises are safeguarded, no matter how remote or isolated they might be.

From business properties requiring heightened surveillance during periods of increased risk, to empty residential homes needing guarding against trespassers, squatters and criminals, Cerberus temporary alarm systems are the ideal solution.

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Our temporary Alarm Systems

Essential criteria for efficient vacant property alarm systems include:

Absolute reliability, with 24/7, year-round guarding against intruders.
Low-maintenance solutions, provided by reliable, tamper-proof batteries.
High performance, delivered through 110 dB alerts and instant notification to our NSi Gold Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

When you manage an empty property and need to avoid the costs and time implications of a break-in, the Cerberus wireless alarm systems offer the ultimate peace of mind.

Leveraging long-life, low-maintenance batteries, the alarm systems incorporate professional-standard motion sensors, or noise-activated sensors, to provide an immediate response and alarm signal if any breaches are detected.

Cerberus wireless alarm systems can be configured to raise an alert in several critical scenarios:

  • Movement or breaking glass.
  • Smoke or fire.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Water and flooding.

These standalone alarm systems work autonomously, without any reliance on the availability of mains power, meaning that they are perfectly suited to vacant properties or remote premises, with batteries lasting for up to two years.

In conjunction with the Cerberus control centre, alarm activations are instantly transmitted. This rapid response system enables our trained responders to log the alert, deploy security personnel, liaise with your site management, or alert the emergency services dependent on the situation, and your selected response protocols.

Temporary alarm systems are available for short-term installation in periods of downtime when a development site will be unoccupied, or for longer-term durations to protect vacant properties.

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Why Choose Cerberus?

As a vacant property security specialist, the Cerberus team delivers independent recommendations, and thorough risk assessments to provide advice about the optimal security solutions to safeguard your premises.

Trained and accredited personnel carry out all Cerberus services, including alarm sensor fitting, monitoring and security patrols, with a track record for exemplary service and ongoing customer support.

We are delighted to offer a FREE Security Health Check for our clients, including a site inspection and full suite of analysis and advice to make sure your vacant buildings are secure.

Related Services

Alongside our vacant property alarm services, we offer a full complement of safety options, each designed to enhance your security strategy and provide the highest levels of protection for vulnerable sites.

  • Steel Doors and Screens: Anti-tamper security screens provide a visible deterrent to potential criminals, with rugged protection for the most exposed points of entry around your vacant property. Security doors are equipped with keypads for authorised access.
  • Mobile Patrols: Using manned guarding services further enhances your site protection. Cerberus security patrols can incorporate trained canine patrols for larger, higher-risk premises, and use irregular patterns to ensure blanket coverage and a physical security presence at your site.
  • Property Inspections: Our Responders carry out regular inspections, to provide reports and logs concerning property security, perimeter safety, the condition of the building, take meter readings and carry out other duties as required to ensure the ongoing safety of empty premises.

For more information about our temporary and vacant property security services, contact Cerberus for impartial advice about the best solutions for your premises.

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