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Metal Security Doors and Screens

Whether required for several weeks or long-term, professionally fitted steel security doors and screens create a shield against intruders, providing a secure safety barrier to deter criminal behaviour.

The vast majority of the time, criminal intrusions and thefts occur by accessing your property through doors and windows; and even the toughest of locks can be bypassed via forced entry.

This creates a critical vulnerability, particularly in vacant properties, which is where security screens and doors provide an invaluable layer of protection. Cerberus installs bespoke security doors for a number of premises, such as:

  • Building sites and construction projects.
  • Vacant properties and empty buildings.
  • Empty commercial and private premises.
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Our Metal Security Door and Screen Services

One critical factor in effective protection against intrusion is in how secure, tamper-proof and strong your security screens are. Cerberus can advise on the right fit, size, thickness and dimensions of your safety doors to ensure these provide the highest level of protection.

Every property is unique, and so it is essential to risk-assess your premises to identify those key points exposed to potential criminal access.

Cerberus temporary security doors and screens are:

  • Fitted by a professional team for a tamper-proof finish that does not damage the fabric of the building.
  • Fully enclosed, constructed from Zinc coated perforated steel to create an impenetrable later.
  • Bespoke to your property, cut to size and fitted around the frame and dimensions of your doors and windows.
  • Available with wireless and key-operated access systems for authorised entry.
    Installed complete with tamper-proof finishes including anti-cut bolts, multi-point locking mechanisms and recessed hinges.

Installing Police Approved security doors provides peace of mind that empty buildings are protected from trespassers. Wireless access systems also maintain logs and management information to assist site managers in controlling and monitoring site access.

As an experienced provider of steel security doors and screens for a vast range of commercial and private clients, the Cerberus team is on hand to recommend the ideal solutions for your property.

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Why Choose Cerberus?

The Cerberus team has years of expertise in protecting and guarding vacant properties, and understand the principal risks and security factors that come into play when an empty premise is exposed to theft and trespassing.

Every service we deliver is carried out by highly trained, accredited and experienced personnel, to provide fast, efficient security across the spectrum of industries and sectors.

Contact the Cerberus office to schedule an expert consultation, whereby we can assess your premises and provide obligation-free advice about the ideal security solutions to ensure your property is fully protected.

Related Services

While temporary metal security doors are a robust way to reinforce the protection of vacant sites, many clients opt to complement this asset with other safety measures.

Related services that are often used alongside temporary security doors include:

  • Concrete Barrier Hire: Concrete barriers are an ideal solution to prevent unauthorised site access; by restricting vehicular entry points and creating a tamper-proof security barrier across roadways that are not securely monitored.
  • Vacant Property Alarms: As an added security protocol, wireless alarms are perfectly suited to vacant properties, delivering around-the-clock monitoring even where no mains power is available. In conjunction with monitoring from our NSI Gold Standard control centre, empty property alarms ensure that any attempted intrusions or security concerns are dealt with quickly and professionally.
  • Mobile Patrols: Another option to protect high-value assets or sites when vacant is to choose a mobile patrol service. This includes regular, physical site patrols and inspections by accredited security personnel, using irregular patterns as a crucial way to provide a visible deterrent and a higher level of surveillance.
  • CCTV Hire – With expert installation, our vast range of temporary CCTV options towers can be installation within half an hour and are great for all environments and weather conditions.

If in any doubt as to the best combination of security services for your vacant properties, contact the Cerberus team for independent, professional advice.

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