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Concrete Barrier Hire

Preventing vehicular access is vital to vacant property security. Temporary concrete barrier blocks provide a robust deterrent, preventing unwanted visitors from accessing your site. This includes fly-tippers, squatters and ram-raiders who target vulnerable empty premises.

Concrete barriers are ideal for defending roads, driveways and entryways. These immovable barriers can be used to defend any points of access.

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Concrete Barrier Hire Options

We recognise that every site is unique. The right solutions for you depend on your location, vulnerabilities and other site security strategies in place.

We provide a variety of concrete barrier hire options to enable you to select the most suitable product for your requirements. To choose the most suitable solution for your site, get in touch, and we will be happy to advise.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB)

TCVBs are 2,500 kg concrete barrier blocks, also referred to as V28 barriers. These blocks shield any potential access points from vehicular entry and are versatile in their applications.

Typical uses for TVCBs include:

  • Large capacity sites such as car parks and construction sites.
  • Managing traffic flows by blocking access to the required points.
  • Safeguarding pedestrians by preventing vehicular access.
  • Creating safe traffic management systems at significant events.
  • Securing scaffolding and fencing as a counterweight.
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) for sensitive sites.

Jersey Barriers

Jersey blocks are a type of concrete barrier perfectly suited to traffic management requirements. They are also diverse and can protect vacant sites from unauthorised access, as well as protecting pedestrians.

The most popular uses for Jersey concrete barrier hire include:

  • Perimeter security for land, premises or vacant properties.
  • Protection for public spaces from traffic or illegal entry.
  • Traffic management, such as restricting access or marking out temporary parking facilities.
  • Events control, such as guiding the flow of vehicular and pedestrian access.
  • Flood defences, to protect properties, people and roadways from floodwaters.

Interlocking Concrete Barriers

Interlocking concrete barriers are adaptable and create temporary walls across a variety of applications.

  • Retaining walls – concrete barrier hire enables the fast construction of short-term material storage facilities, and to create earth-retaining walls to shore up embankments or unstable land.
  • Freestanding walls – interlocking concrete blocks create independent walls, which complete barrier security alongside fencing, protect against flooding, and manage the flow of traffic.

The reusable nature of interlocking concrete barriers makes them diverse. This type of block can be swiftly assembled and taken down for assembly at a new site.

Key benefits include:

  • Budget-friendly solution.
  • Fast installation and seamless delivery service.
  • Flexibility of dimensions and placement.
  • High level of durability with low maintenance.Reusable materials, and the ability to be reconfigured quickly to adapt to changing requirements.

Concrete Barriers with Heras Fencing

Heras fencing is an excellent deterrent against climbing. Combined with concrete barriers, this creates a multi-use security asset. Concrete blocks and fencing defend sites and properties from both vehicular and unwanted access on foot and are often combined with protection such as professional CCTV monitoring.

Steel doors and screens can also be used to safeguard doorways and windows, delivering powerful protection against intruders.

Cerberus provides 3m professional standard concrete barriers, and when assembled with Heras fencing, this created a 2.8-tonne physical barrier.

Benefits of choosing barriers with Heras fencing:

  • Fast assembly time and expedited delivery from Cerberus.
  • Creating an unbroken, impenetrable boundary.
  • Secure protection from both intruders and unauthorised vehicle access.
  • Interlocking fencing prevents the concrete blocks from being moved or tampered with.

Why Cerberus?

Cerberus is on hand to deliver tailored solutions to suit every location, with 20 years experience at the forefront of innovative security.

Our comprehensive services include concrete barrier hire, installation and removals, all delivered with the outstanding levels of customer care and professionalism that the Cerberus team brings to every site.

We understand that every site brings its unique challenges, and thus provide a full consultation and risk assessment process to help you identify your critical vulnerabilities. This enables Cerberus to recommend concrete barrier blocks that are best suited to your site and will provide the level of robust security you need.

Clients include high-value construction sites, significant infrastructure developments, and we work across the spectrum of the public and private sectors.

Every concrete barrier hire solution is tailored to the individual site, harnessing our expertise in the following security demands:

  • Perimeter security for vacant, high-value and vulnerable locations.
  • Construction site security, including preventing unauthorised vehicle access.
  • Car parking barriers and temporary parking facility construction.
  • Protection of public spaces from terrorist attacks and illegal entry.
  • Highways protection for workers and vehicles.

Get in touch today, and let’s ensure your premises and sites are fully secure.

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