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Empty Property Security Services

Keeping your empty premises secure is essential when protecting your assets from theft and damage. We work with clients of all sizes to safeguard vacant properties, sites and equipment from potentially costly security breaches.

Security is particularly essential to prevent vulnerable sites from being exposed to criminal activity and intruders. Empty buildings are a beacon attracting all kinds of unwanted visitors, from squatters to vandals and opportunist thieves.

Many businesses also require empty property security to comply with insurance requirements, as well as for their peace of mind. View our empty property solutions below.

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Steel security doors and screens

Access points are always the weakest areas in property defence and are usually the first target for criminal activity. High-security steel screens and doors are both visible and effective, and all Cerberus screens are Police Approved.

Steel doors can be fitted quickly, without damaging the property. Our professional installation techniques ensure that steel screens are flush with your walls, protecting them from being pried open or moved.

Mesh steel screens are important for vacant property security where contractors or surveyors will need visibility when on-site, and prevent any damp or mould accumulating while the premises are empty. Cerberus offers steel screening in a range of options, with bespoke fitting and design to create the perfect security shield.

Vacant Property Alarms

Alarms are an essential element of empty property security. Where guarding is not required 24/7, professional alarm systems assure that if any unauthorised visitors attempt to gain access, the problem can be dealt with swiftly.

Our alarm response services include rapid responses, ongoing alarm monitoring, and the ability to alert the authorities, security personnel and site management immediately after a threat is detected.

Standalone alarm systems operate effectively without active power supplies and can be fitted with wireless detectors. Additional options include remote smoke, fire, gas, water and breaking glass detection systems.

The difference between fast response and a delayed reaction can be costly, so having empty property alarms in place is a robust way to protect the value of your vacant sites.

Regular Property Inspections

Property inspections and patrols add an extra level of security and surveillance to an empty property; however, it’s not always possible to have manned security on-site 24/7. We offer periodic inspections at our vacant sites to ensure that there are no squatters or unwanted guests on the premises.

Inspections can be scheduled flexibly for convenience and in accordance with any insurance requirements. Using professional inspections ensures that your empty sites are checked regularly, and is often an essential part of compliance.

Along with site inspections, Cerberus offers meter reading services, and NSI Gold CCTV monitoring to ensure your site remains safe at all times. Photo logs and inspection records are retained for your review, and to evidence the results of each inspection.

Concrete Barrier Hire

Vehicular access is often the easiest way for criminals to gain access to a site. Concrete barriers are fast to install, and effectively manage traffic and prevent any access to your site, whether by criminals, squatters, or fly-tippers.

Concrete barriers are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Giving you the flexibility of choosing the option best suited to your site and how long you anticipate it remaining vacant for.

Temporary barriers can be installed quickly, and removed as required, allowing you to get your site back up and running on-demand.

Free Security Inspections and Health Check

As a site manager or owner, it can be complex to know what security services are required, and how to combine those services for your peace of mind.

Our experienced team is offering a FREE, no-obligation Security Health Check to help you gain control of your site security.

This health check will help pinpoint vulnerabilities, highlight potential risks, and identify the optimal security solutions to protect your premises around the clock. The complimentary Cerberus health check is available for a limited time, so contact us today to schedule your free security inspection.

Why Choose Cerberus for your empty property security?

Cerberus is committed to excellence and is on hand to consult and advise on the most complex and strategic of site security challenges. With over 20 years of experience, our team offers outstanding skill and efficient service, with your requirements always at the forefront of the recommendations we make.

As a leading security firm, we work with clients across the breadth of the UK, offering bespoke solutions to keep your sites safe at all times. For more information about the service options available, contact us today.

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