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Our Solutions

The Cerberus security team will assess the internal and external threats against both your assets and IT, both malicious and accidental. Our solutions will include detection, prevention, monitoring and response to incidents, whether that be short-term or a permanent requirement. Once dialogue has commenced, we will discuss your situation with you, and following a detailed assessment we will then advise you on the ideal security solution and your pathway forward.

Cerberus’ security lifecycle management services have been categorised as follows:

Cerberus Security Strategies

Every site, every business and every set of risks is different. When it comes to advising our clients on the most advanced security solutions to protect their premises, the Cerberus team always provides a consultation process to analyse your security needs carefully.

We can provide any range and combination of services, selected to mitigate your highest risk factors and safeguard your most valuable assets.

This can range from:

  • Detection services to identify breaches or attempted intrusions.
  • Preventative systems to deter and restrict criminals from accessing your site.
  • Monitoring services to effect swift actions and resolutions to incidents.
  • Response strategies to liaise with your site managers and the authorities to professionally manage any alarm activations.

Cerberus is also able to respond quickly to changing demand. For example, if you require additional manned patrols or stewards during a large event, or require construction site access control during crucial project phases, we can pivot and adjust our services when you need us to. As your business evolves, your sites expand, and your workforces grow, Cerberus continues to work by your side to protect you.

Our solutions

Our security solutions generally fall under the following five categories:

NSI Gold Standard Alarm Monitoring

The Cerberus Gold Standard alarm monitoring centre is a dedicated facility providing 24/7 monitoring services for our complete range of alarms and sensors. This gives you peace of mind that any alarm activation will be identified immediately, and a swift response put into place.

Read more about our alarm monitoring, cctv monitoring service and alarm receiving centre.

Electronic security solutions

Where colleagues work alone, or in off-site locations, providing comprehensive and around-the-clock safety through electronic security solutions is essential. We offer a range of electronic solutions such as lone worker devices to facilitate instant identification whenever an alarm is activated, with fast and effective response protocols to safeguard your workforce. We also install and monitor cutting-edge security devices such as wireless sensors and 3G solutions to keep you on the cutting edge of security technology.

Vacant Property Security:

Empty sites, buildings and outbuildings act as a beacon for criminals, providing opportunities for trespassing, squatting, theft and damage. Cerberus delivers a complete suite of empty property services to avoid the costs, time and stress of managing the impact of such security breaches.

Physical security

Our SIA licensed staff ensure the safety and security of your customers, people and the general public through our physical security offerings. From manned guarding, open and lock up services and keyholding services, our staff are specially trained to bring a physical presence to your security detail.

CCTV installation
Cerberus’s highly skilled team design, install and maintain our range of CCTV systems. Using the latest technology, our CCTV solutions encompass both temporary and permanent fixtures as well as wireless detection systems and advanced body temperature detection systems.

Why Choose Cerberus?

The Cerberus team brings together a collective of outstanding skill and experience in the UK security sector, from protecting large events and managing significant crowds to screening visitors for illegal substances and providing regular, professional patrols by accredited and qualified guards.

We work with all manner of businesses from large, multi-site organisations to protecting individual residential properties; and every client receives the same exceptional level of service and quality that we pride ourselves on.

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