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Commercially-Owned Residential Properties

Security is essential in commercially-owned residential properties, and having the right safeguarding systems in place protects your business, your tenants and your budget from the tangible costs of dealing with intrusions, thefts and criminal damage.

Cerberus works with owners of small and large businesses to protect a wide range of commercially-owned sites; examples include:

  • Multi-tenant residential blocks.
  • Private care homes.
  • Student accommodation.

Having robust security provisions in place saves the time and expense of replacing stolen goods, repairing criminal damage and covering the costs of increasing insurance premiums.

Residential properties are a business but also a home, and so good security ensures that your property stands out as an attractive rental option, and gives your tenants the peace of mind that their welfare has been provided for.

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Our Commercially-Owned Residential Property Security Services

With commercially-owned residential properties there are a number of threats to consider. It’s important that you protect your assets by considering the following areas and potential weak-spots:

  • Vulnerable points of access – including vehicle access, doors, windows, and perimeters.
  • The tenants and use of the property, and specific risk factors present, such as higher numbers of authorised visitors and staff requiring access to care homes.
  • Points of risk such as parking areas, stairwells and unlit pathways.
    The area in question and whether surrounding land, buildings or establishments present a risk factor or whether particular crimes are prevalent in the region.

Cerberus has many years’ experience in providing and managing protection for commercially-owned residential properties. We are on-hand to advise on the most appropriate solutions that are also discreet, do not infringe on tenant privacy, and yet provide diligent and appropriate safeguards.

Residential Property Security Solutions

With a comprehensive range of security solutions to choose from, we are able to adapt them and combined as required to meet your protection requirements. Options include:

Each Cerberus commercially-owned residential property security solution is bespoke, and so can be structured around your needs. For example, mobile patrols may be an ideal precaution to protect the perimeters of outdoor land surrounding a care home facility overnight.

In multi-tenant residential housing, alarm systems and professional CCTV can be installed in key points such as entryways, pathways, in stairwells and to provide complete coverage of garages or parking areas.

Related Security Services

As a leading UK security team, Cerberus also offers multiple additional services, each of which can be blended with your existing security strategy as demand changes.

Vacant Property Security
A crucial measure to prevent trespassing, theft, criminal damage or intruders when a residential property is vacant. Cerberus provides a full range of options such as temporary or longer-term security doors, robust alarm monitoring, and regular property inspections. Read more about empty property security here.

Physical Guarding and Patrols
Our security teams are all accredited and qualified, so for vulnerable sites or during higher-risk activities such as renovations or refurbishments, we provide manned guarding, dog patrols and access control services to monitor and approve all visitors to your premises. Read more about manned guarding and dog units here.

NSI Gold Standard Monitoring
With an NSI Gold Standard rated alarm centre, Cerberus provides an outstanding alarm monitoring service with instant alarm activation response, complete record-keeping and video logs, with protocols followed to ensure any alarm is dealt with quickly, professionally and safely. Cerberus also provides CCTV maintenance services where they are needed.

Why Choose Cerberus for Your Commercial Security?

Cerberus is proud to be an established security expert, protecting commercially-owned residential properties across a range of residence types, uses, and property structures for over 20 years.

Our team delivers comprehensive consultation and risk assessment services to get to grips with your critical security concerns. We can implement a robust security strategy with advice every step of the way to help you choose the right protection for your properties.

Get in touch today for a tailored property health check, and to ensure the safety and comfort of your tenants and residents is assured for years to come.

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