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Industrial Security Systems

Factories, warehouses and other industrial areas represent a security challenge due to their scale and complex layout. With various high-value items on-site, industrial areas can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to secure.

Our industrial building security solutions can solve this problem with a combination of both manned and technology security options. By working in partnership with Cerberus we will ensure there are no blind spots or weak points in any part of your premises.

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The need for industrial security systems

Security systems are critical in industrial and commercial premises, with a multitude of protections available to prevent criminal access, theft, trespassing and data risks that can cause significant damage to your operations.

As an industrial security specialist, the Cerberus team offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to provide a framework of diligence and surveillance to protect the most valuable assets and properties.

The key to reliable industrial security is in creating a strategy that caters to your unique challenges and risks. Thus, Cerberus provides bespoke consultations and risk assessments to highlight the primary blind spots or vulnerabilities throughout your site to ensure you have a reliable network of defence.

Our Industrial Security Services

Why are industrial sites a core target for criminals? Several factors come into play and influence your premise security:

  • High-value machinery, equipment and materials.
  • Sites left vacant out of hours, typically overnight.
  • Remote locations, often on industrial parks.
  • Easy access to commercial properties without sufficient alarms or fencing.
  • Locations designed for vehicular access, with roller shutter doors and loading bays.

All of these risk factors can be eliminated or mitigated by working with an industrial security professional who can support your safety controls even for the most complex of sites.

Cerberus creates a security plan with our industrial sector clients to identify your highest priorities, and where weaknesses present the most significant risk factor.

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mobile patrol security

Solutions Include:

Physical Security
From mobile patrols to static guarding, crowd control during events and canine patrols for larger sites, the Cerberus team offers a complete range of physical security services. All guards, responders and personnel are Security Industry Authority licensed and thoroughly trained in their specialist area.

CCTV Installation 
Highly visible, advanced CCTV systems are a deterrent for the most persistent criminals, providing instant alarm activation notifications to our NSI Gold Standard control centre. CCTV solutions can be wireless, detect body temperature through Infra-Red technology, and be installed as fixed or hard-wired solutions at critical positions to maintain 24/7 surveillance over your industrial premises. We are also able to provide a reliable CCTV monitoring service.

Perimeter Guarding and Barriers
One of the essential elements of a prominent security strategy is in preventing site access. This can be achieved through simple, cost-effective solutions such as installing concrete barriers to prevent unauthorised vehicular entry or deploying mobile patrols and CCTV to monitor perimeter fencing.

Access Control Systems
Where sites require around-the-clock access or are utilised by a large number of staff, access control systems stand apart as a diligent security asset that protects your premises at all times. Digital keycard entry systems, security codes and access passes ensure that no unauthorised visitors gain entry to your facilities, whatever the time of day or night.

For more information about these core industrial security measures, or other solutions to meet your safety requirements, contact the Cerberus team for a professional security evaluation.

Why Choose Cerberus?

As a team with over 20 years of experience in industrial security, Cerberus is perfectly positioned to identify your key risks, advise on future-proof security strategies and deliver high-standard professional surveillance to protect your site, staff, and assets.

We provide independent recommendations through a bespoke consultation and risk-analysis process, enabling us to advise on the ideal solutions to suit your business, your operations, and your budget.

Related Services

As a market-leading UK industrial security expert, Cerberus provides services to a vast spectrum of sites, including public sector properties, large-scale warehouses and areas, factory premises and multi-site organisations.

Our security services span the complete range of monitoring, protection and surveillance, including:

Bespoke Site Monitoring: Using state-of-the-art alarm systems and CCTV solutions, Cerberus crafts tailored monitoring services to respond to the unique demands of your industrial premises.

Open and Lock-up Services: Professional security responders manage the opening and securing of your properties at the start and end of each working day to provide oversight of safety controls and protect your site when it is most vulnerable.

Keyholding Services: Our keyholding services remove the time, expense and exposure of responding to alarm activations out of hours, providing swift resolutions to deal with false activations, and a fast response service if an intrusion is attempted.

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