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Commercial Security Systems

Cerberus Security works to protect commercial properties across a range of UK sectors and industries.

Whether the property at risk is a standalone office facility, a complete office block, shop units or retail parks, each one is vulnerable to theft, vandalism and fire. Our bespoke commercial building security can significantly mitigate these risks and help to prevent them from occurring.

When it comes to protecting your premises, safeguarding your assets and preventing safety breaches, we are on hand to develop bespoke security strategies to defend your commercial property.

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Cerberus Commercial Security Systems

Our commercial security services encompass all aspects of business safety and can be combined in any format that best fits your needs.

We provide commercial security services for sites such as:

  • Office facilities – both standalone and multi-sites.
  • Complete office blocks and manufacturing units.
  • Warehouses and storage facilities.
  • Shops and retail parks.
  • Construction sites and commercial land.

Before any project, we offer a full risk assessment to outline key threats and potential breaches and an appropriate prevention solution. Risk assessments are a crucial part of the consultation process and help us to work with your management teams to assess both current safety demands and future requirements.

We can help with:

  • Prevention of security breaches, intrusions and theft
  • Demonstrating a commitment to workforce safety
  • Identifying weak points to enhance security precautions
  • Adapting your security provisions during key projects
  • Providing flexible and responsive services to swiftly deal with issues
  • Risk mitigation and potential insurance savings
  • Reducing the time, cost and stress of dealing with trespassers

We offer a full suite of commercial security services, each of which can be adapted and combined with other provisions to safeguard your site no matter how large the footfall or complex the layout of your site.

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CCTV Installation and Detection Devices

CCTV surveillance is a staple of commercial security systems and enables businesses to keep close watch over their premises and assets, with around-the-clock monitoring.

Cerberus offers every aspect of CCTV supply and installation, including:

  • Fixed, wireless or hardwire commercial CCTV solutions
  • Temporary CCTV systems for events or short-term needs
  • Full CCTV maintenance services to keep your systems running smoothly
  • Advanced CCTV options such as infra-red body temperature detection cameras
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Security Patrols and Guarding

Our accredited and highly skilled manned guarding and dog unit personnel adds a strong visible deterrent to any security protocols. Patrol teams, especially when combined with a security dog, provide comprehensive coverage and fast response to any breaches.

Our commercial guarding services include:

  • Manned guarding at fixed stations or entry points
  • Mobile patrols providing out of hours protection
  • Open and lock-up services to safeguard staff welfare
  • Keyholding services to manage alarm responses
  • Dog units and patrols

Electronic Security and Surveillance

We leverage advanced technological solutions that are ideal for larger sites or those where colleagues may be working alone. Wireless connectivity and faultless functionality ensure that your commercial security systems offer peace of mind day and night.

Our options for electronic security and surveillance include:

  • High-performance alarm systems
  • Wireless intruder alarms
  • Sensor systems to respond instantly to risks such as fire or flooding
  • Lone worker security devices
  • 3G solutions for remote surveillance locations

Other Commercial Services

Other related services are available on-demand, such as:

NSI Gold Standard Alarm Monitoring

Alongside our commercial security solutions, we offer a comprehensive CCTV monitoring service, managed through our fully accredited NSI Gold Standard monitoring station.

Vacant Property Security

A full range of professional safety services to protect vacant properties, empty buildings and dormant sites. This includes fixed, or temporary security doors and screens, boarding, vacant property alarms, concrete barrier hire and regular premises inspections.

Free Security Health Checks

One of the vital components to a faultless security strategy is to understand how your site operates, where risks arise, and how we can work together to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Our experienced team will analyse your existing security and alarm systems, and make professional recommendations to help you select the most appropriate safeguarding service.

Why Choose Cerberus for Your Commercial Security?

With over 20 years’ experience in the UK security sector, the Cerberus team is highly proficient and skilled at protecting a diverse range of sites and premises.

Every member of Cerberus security personnel is fully accredited and qualified, and our comprehensive range of security services is flexible enough to adapt to any specific site demands. Contact our team today for a fast, no-nonsense appraisal and to have a cost-effective security strategy swiftly put in place.

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