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As an experienced security provider, we have worked with a wide selection of customers from different industry sectors. Our bespoke security solutions ensure that services are tailored towards providing the right security solution. Browse our sectors to discover how Cerberus can solve your security needs.

Void or Vacant Properties

Empty buildings or business parks are an increasingly common sight, either on our high streets or off the beaten track. If you have a vacant property—on a short or long-term basis—this can make it a prime target for squatters or vandals.

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Commercially-Owned Residential Properties

Multi-tenant residential blocks, private care homes and student accommodation have a high need for security. An intruder breaking in doesn’t just threaten someone’s belongings. It can mean physical contact or harm as well.

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Factories, warehouses and other industrial areas are hard to secure because of their large size and complex layout. With various high-value items on site, industrial areas can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to secure.

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Construction sites are often highly appealing to thieves, thanks to the presence of construction equipment and other high-value items. Our security solutions can tightly control access to construction sites, while deterring unwanted access with a raft of other security measures.

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Public Sector

Educational establishments and public sector buildings can be susceptible to unwanted visitors, who not only cause damage to the property but can create a disturbance in the neighbourhood.

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Commercial spaces include several high-value items that make them a target for intruders. Whether it’s offices, office blocks, shops or retail parks, each one is vulnerable to theft or fire at significant cost to the owner.

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