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Open and Lock-Up Service

Our reliable lock up service ensures your staff have guaranteed access to your building at the required and specified time. Utilising the Cerberus Open and Lock service also guarantees your property is completely secure at the specified times.

Following the closure of sites, your Cerberus staff member will check all of your staff have left the building and that your building or site is secure prior to setting the alarm system. Our open and lock-up service is the perfect solution for organisations with multiple properties.

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Three components of lock-up services

Almost all UK businesses with physical premises that will have some kind of property alarm as this is often a minimum requirement of risk assessments, insurances, and security policies. However, managing the responses to alarm activations poses a significant cost, and time pressure, as well as safety considerations, should an intruder trigger an alarm.

There are three key aspects to a professional open and lock up service:

Convenience: The guarantee that a trained security professional will be on-hand to supervise the safe opening and closure of your premises, including following checks, setting alarms and securing access points. This service provides the peace of mind that the right controls have been observed, and that there are never issues around delegating responsibility to personnel.

Security: Commercial sites are most vulnerable when in a transition phase, such as the start of a new working day, or when securing the premises at night. Using a lock-up service means knowing that all appropriate checks have been carried out and that your property is not exposed to potential trespassers or criminals when essential site movements are taking place.

Safety: Internal controls and risk assessments are fundamental to effective security. By using a competent responder to carry out open and lock-up services, business managers know that alarm systems will be set, premises inspected, building sweeps carried out, and all access and entry points secured to meet every aspect of the lock-up and open procedures.

Our Open and Lock-Up Services

Cerberus provides comprehensive open and lock-up services to all manner of commercial properties; including retail locations, multi-site organisations, construction sites and corporate premises.

Every responder will carry out checks and safety inspections as identified by your risk assessment process, such as:

  • Setting alarm systems, locking doors, checking windows and access points are secure.
  • Inspecting premises to ensure no staff remain on-site, and that premises are safe to enter at the start of the shift.
  • Prompt reporting and action when any breaches, irregularities or unusual circumstances are identified outside of the standard systems.
  • Protection for personnel when site premises are at their most vulnerable.
  • Record-keeping to identify controls followed, access permitted, and the times of each closure and opening.

This professional security service is popular with larger organisations with multiple properties or sites to protect and with public access businesses such as retail sites where protection for staff and maintaining high standards of safety are critical.

Why Choose Cerberus Lock Up Services?

As an experienced UK security firm with decades of experience, the Cerberus team is ideally positioned to offer independent, expert advice about the best security strategies for your premises and sites.

Through our open and lock-up services, we provide complete confidence that your properties are protected and secured at the end of every day, and when combined with other professional surveillance services deliver total peace of mind.

Contact the team today for a no-obligation consultation, and for support in identifying the best security controls and protocols to keep your properties, staff, and assets safe.

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Related Services

Alongside our open and lock-up services, the Cerberus team offers a comprehensive range of professional security services, designed to complement each other and provide a robust safety strategy.

Related services that are often combined with an open and lock-up service include:

Keyholding Services: Responding to out-of-hours alarm activations can be time-consuming, potentially dangerous, and costly. Our keyholding service delivers a prompt response to alarm activations by a trained responder, and swift action is taken to deal with criminal breaches as well as false alarms to save business managers time and inconvenience.

Mobile Patrols: Vacant sites are exposed to potential intruders and trespassers, and a mobile patrol reinforces the security of a professional open and lock-up service to deliver regular patrols around irregular patterns. The presence of a security patrol is a crucial deterrent for criminals.

CCTV Installation: When properties are empty, an advanced CCTV security system is a crucial tool in your safety strategy. Hardwired or fixed CCTV providers 24/7 surveillance of the highest-risk locations in your site, with next-generation technology able to raise the alarm only when a genuine breach or intrusion is attempted.

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