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Manned Guarding Services

Cerberus will deploy professional guards and dog patrols to protect your premises. As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor, you can be sure that all our guards operate to the highest standards.

Our guards will protect and observe your property, and promptly report any disturbances. We deploy experienced security guards and dog patrols to many different property types including warehouses, construction sites, retail and other commercial premises throughout the UK.

Our security guards and dog patrols are trained to deliver a full range of guarding roles such as:

  • Static crowd control
  • Manned guarding
  • Stewarding
  • Guarding patrols
  • Keyholding services
  • Dog patrols and more
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Manned Guarding

Our manned guarding services provide security support at various locations as an effective solution to prevent vandalism, theft and unauthorised access. Manned guarding helps to avoid these things which can be very likely to happen depending on the location, helping to establish an ongoing assurance and confidence in the safety of your business.

We are a respected provider of professional manned guarding services due to our long-establishment in this sector. We can adapt our services to deal with unique requirements of many situations, locations and sites across the UK. Our security guards are SIA licensed and fully equipped with distinctive uniforms and identification to uphold the levels of professionalism you expect.

Dog Patrols/K9 Security

Our dog patrols can be a complement to your security team or guard, or as a standalone service. A dog patrol provides a robust, additional security measure, providing professional protection at events, or to protect your vacant property from intruders.

Security dogs can be employed as a perfect solution for multiple scenarios or for a one-off event, adding extra protection as well as what a security guard provides.

Our teams and security dogs are experienced in working with the needs of both large and small businesses. For higher-risk situations, our dog handlers can be equipped with body cams to provide video footage of events happening in real-time. This allows us to provide evidence to the police where it is required to support the actions of the security team.

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