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K9 Security Services

Canine security brings a whole new level of visible protection to your sites and premises. Cerberus provides professionally trained security personnel, including accredited security dog handlers to provide an effective security service.

Dog patrols are renowned for being both a deterrent and a resource to quickly manage any attempted intrusions or criminal activity. Trained handlers work closely with their K9 security dogs to work as a streamlined dog unit, detecting issues, mitigating threats and responding to risks quickly.

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The Benefit of K9 Security Patrols

Security dogs are not only highly efficient but are also a cost-efficient way of preserving the integrity of your site perimeters and vacant property.

Cerberus offers the options to utilise a K9 patrol as a one-off for a scheduled event or a higher-risk activity, or as a regular asset to ensure your site is defended on a long-term basis.

Our services are available around the clock as and when your risk assessment identifies that you require the most robust security.

Dog handlers can be equipped with body cams, both to record real-time situations, and to provide a live stream of events for your assurance and oversight.

Many Cerberus clients choose K9 patrols to complement their existing security strategy, with the benefits of:

  • Detection dogs able to identify the presence of dangerous substances, drugs and explosive materials.
  • Superior hearing to identify attempted intrusions before manned patrols have become aware of the risk.
  • The ability to patrol large areas and complex structures, with outstanding senses to quickly recognise when a security scenario is evolving.
  • Fast responsiveness, with professional security patrols able to prevent criminal activity, detain intruders and avoid illegal site access.
  • A strong deterrent, with dog patrols being a preventative measure whereby many prospective intruders will not attempt to infiltrate a site guarded by K9 patrols.
  • In terms of budgets, it is more cost-effective to contract a canine patrol with a professional dog handler, than it is to hire two security guards; and with the increased protection this offers, safeguards your budget as well as providing superior security.

Cerberus K9 Security Services

Our canine security teams offer:

  • Mobile Patrol Dogs

Mobile K9 patrols utilise clearly signed vehicles to publicise the protection of your site. Dog units can patrol site perimeters, facility entrance and exit points, as well as interior building scans.

This type of mobile patrol can manage every aspect of site security, from detecting anticipated risks to responding to alarm call outs, and lock/unlock services to safeguard your premises at points of vulnerability, to key holding.

  • Manned K9 Security Guarding

The usage of security personnel demonstrates your commitment to shielding your workforce, visitors, and assets from criminal activity. In many cases, the presence of K9 guarding will itself act as a preventative and mark out your premises as protected.

Static guarding is a valuable resource to secure vulnerable parts of your site, such as the main entryway, and can deter intruders, as well as screening visitors.

  • Search and Detection Dogs

An essential requirement for many businesses and venues is the ability to reliably detect and stamp out any presence of drugs, firearms, explosives or dangerous chemicals.

Dog detection units are specially trained to detect harmful equipment and can scan vast areas and large numbers of people simultaneously. This protects your site but also avoids impacting the flow of traffic required to carry out manual screening, as well as being more dependable at detecting potential risks.

  • Crowd Control Dog Units

When managing large numbers of people, or important events, crowd control dog units are invaluable. They provide immediate assurance to visitors that security is there, stable and can respond quickly to any incidents or unauthorised access.

Crowd control dog units also protect security personnel, who may be exposed when trying to manage disturbances involving large numbers of people. K9 patrols can also detect distress, alerting your security team immediately when an incident is taking place.

Why choose Cerberus for K9 Security Services?

Cerberus provides highly qualified, accredited and trained K9 patrol teams for every type of business, site, and event.

With over 20 years of experience, we are always happy to offer advice about the most appropriate security controls for your venue, site or compound.

Many of our canine patrol teams work in scenarios such as:

  • Protecting remote sites to safeguard manned security patrols.
  • Defending vulnerable sites, valuable equipment and your assets.
  • Detecting intruders in venues where there are no clear lines of sight.
  • Safeguarding large open spaces that are vulnerable to intruders, fly-tippers and illegal encampments.
  • Securing businesses and public facilities with a highly visible security presence.
  • Protecting vacant properties, or sites outside of working hours.

Contact Cerberus today to book your initial consultation; we work with you to fully risk assess your site to establish recommendations for the ideal K9 security services for your requirements.

“Our electric fence kept failing and people were trying to steal the plant equipment. Cerberus were highly recommended by some of our customers who use them, their response was remarkably quick.”

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