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Compound Security Services

As a compound owner, manager or security adviser, you want to know that your assets, workforce, visitors and property are securely protected at all times, day and night. Our compound security services bring a high level of assurance as we diligently safeguard your premises and protect your business.

The best compound security services work as a well-oiled machine, with complementary services creating a security shield that removes vulnerabilities, augments perimeters and provides the ultimate peace of mind for even the largest and most complex compound layouts.

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Static Security Guards and Mobile Dog Patrols

Cerberus is a long-established provider of manned guarding services across multiple sectors. We provide a flexible service that can be tailored to the individual requirements of your compound or facility. SIA licensing is a prerequisite for all our security personnel, as are professional uniforms and ID cards to give you assurance in the quality and reliability of our service.

Our trained security guards and dog patrols will boost your security visibility and your ability to respond to unwanted intruders when required. We can provide qualified security guard services with trained dogs that will provide support for your own security teams or we can provide them as a separate, independent service.

Additional security support will help prevent illegal entry and access to land and buildings whatever the size of the land or property being protected.

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Temporary Compound Alarms

Alarm systems are a popular solution that provide a layer of security for compounds outside of working hours, or for large sites where physical monitoring isn’t possible 24/7.

The Cerberus team can advise on the most appropriate alarm for your compound, risk assess the site to identify the most advantageous places to install the alarm equipment, and provide professional installation, ensuring your alarm systems are clearly signed.

Many compound managers use temporary alarm systems:

  • At times when the compound is vulnerable, such as during a critical project phase, when hosting a large event, when significant changes are being made to the perimeter, or during delivery and management of valuable assets.
  • During periods when the compound will be unmanned or unstaffed, such as holiday periods.
    When some parts of your compound are not in use.

Our accredited alarm systems work seamlessly to deliver rapid alerts when any illegal activity is detected, enabling us to mobilise an immediate response, alert the authorities, and liaise with your compound manager.

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Compound CCTV Services

CCTV is a smart way to retain ongoing oversight over your compound, with advanced technology to provide round-the-clock coverage and installations in even the most complex of environments.

Options such as infrared thermal imaging mean having a robust security system that mitigates not only criminal activity but also risks such as fire.

Our innovative commercial CCTV solutions include:

  • Body temperature detection cameras to meet with increasing demand to help prevent exposure to contagious viruses such as COVID-19.
  • Hardwire or fixed CCTV cameras to provide permanent monitoring over points of access, exit, or exposed areas.
  • Temporary security systems to monitor sites during sensitive activities, when not in use, or when additional screening is required to mitigate added risk factors.
  • Wireless detection systems for installations in remote locations, or when mains power is not available.

Many large or multi-site compounds incorporate vacant buildings; whether pending construction or demolition, currently not in use, or waiting for development works to begin.

Cerberus provides specialist vacant property security solutions, providing robust protection for either short-term or long-term empty premises, and as a standalone service or as part of a broader strategy to protect your compound.

An empty structure creates a target for criminals and squatters, and so putting robust control measures in place is a cost-effective preventative way to safeguard against damage, theft and illegal trespassers.

Vacant Property Security

Our team can recommend the most suitable security for your vacant properties depending on your budget, compound layout, footprint and intended use; these services can include:

  • Concrete barriers to prevent vehicular access.
  • Steel doors and screens to create a barrier to illegal access.
  • Vacant property alarms and monitoring to swiftly manage any attempted intrusions.
  • Property inspections to manage utilities, sensors and create detailed logs.

CCTV Monitoring Systems

Cerberus provides a continuous CCTV monitoring service, with footage, alarm triggers and alerts managed around the clock by our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre. A key advantage of 24/7 CCTV monitoring is it also ensures that your CCTV is functioning correctly. Cerberus also provides CCTV maintenance services where they are needed.

Our comprehensive monitoring services ensure that every alarm activation is responded to rapidly, risks are quickly identified, intrusions and problems are dealt with efficiently, and that your site is protected even when not in use.

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Why choose Cerberus for compound security?

With 20 years’ experience in managing the security for even the most significant compounds, Cerberus provides bespoke strategies to protect your site from every risk and vulnerability that our expert team identifies.

We recognise that flexibility and professionalism are fundamental requirements for compound managers, who are often dealing with large site footprints, multiple workforce members and visitors and a variety of structures and properties within their site.

Contact Cerberus for more information about our years of experience providing compound security services to respected clients across the UK, and throughout the commercial, public, industrial and construction sectors.

“Our electric fence kept failing and people were trying to steal the plant equipment. Cerberus were highly recommended by some of our customers who use them, their response was remarkably quick.”

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