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Physical Security

Professional, highly-trained security personnel are the first line of defence and very often provide a visible deterrent that stamps out a protected site as a target that is safeguarded against criminals, intruders and trespassers.

Whether you have a specific security threat, wish to guard against potential breaches, or need the assurance of having accredited staff on-site during hours of higher-risk operations, the Cerberus team delivers.

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Our Physical Security Services

Using trained security guards offers multiple benefits to businesses, premises and sites of all sizes:

  • Assuring the workforce and visitors that the location is professionally managed.
  • Maintaining order and safety in emergencies.
  • Continual oversight over perimeters, vehicular access and attempted intrusions.
  • Preventing criminal damage and trespassing, such as squatters and vandalism.
  • Fast responses and back-up for staff if an urgent situation unfolds.
  • Protecting assets, data, staff and equipment from theft.

Cerberus provides a comprehensive range of physical security services; each one adapted to your specific site risks and operational priorities.

Manned Guarding

Cerberus provides Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited professionals to manage the safety and integrity of your premises. Our security teams provide a range of protection services, from guarding to crowd control, canine perimeter controls to managing static visitor screening posts. Read more about our manned guarding services.

manned guarding

Mobile Patrols

A popular service to maintain the security of locations out of hours, and during periods of closure with highly visible vehicles and guards to inspect your premises regularly. Variable patrol patterns deliver comprehensive coverage of your site, both preventing and mitigating your most crucial risk factors. Read more about our mobile patrol services. 

Open, and Lock-up Services

Ideal for large organisations, sites with multiple properties and high-value retail premises, an open and lock-up service ensures that your property is opened and closed safely. This includes following alarm protocols, protecting personnel, and guaranteeing the security of your premises during those more vulnerable activities.

keyholding services

Keyholding Services

Rapid responses from trained officers to manage alarm activations, intrusions and remote sensor alarms. Keyholding prevents staff from dealing with potentially dangerous situations, as well as providing the convenience of quickly resolving false activations outside of regular operating hours.

Construction Site Access Control

Full management of site access for construction sites, protecting your workforce, equipment, tools, materials and machinery from theft and criminal damage. Access can be controlled by stationary guards, turnstiles, biometric passes and keycard readers to ensure only authorised visitors can access your site.

For support with identifying the most suitable physical security precautions for your business or premises, contact the Cerberus team for a bespoke consultation.

Related Services

As an established security expert at the forefront of proactive UK safety services, Cerberus offers a vast range of professional installations and solutions.

Each can be combined with physical security to provide added layers of surveillance, or adapted to your unique premises risk factors.

Concrete Barrier Hire: Ideal for construction sites or open land areas, which present a risk of unauthorised vehicular entry.

Alarm Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring of all alarms, sensors and detection systems managed through our NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre.

CCTV Solutions: Advanced CCTV, including wireless systems, body temperature detection cameras and temporary CCTV installations, to keep a careful watch over your premises when they are most vulnerable. We are also able to provide a reliable CCTV monitoring service.

Why Choose Cerberus?

Physical security is a robust way to safeguard your site and protect your assets – and using an experienced expert in the field guarantees that every security guard dispatched will be fully accredited and highly trained.

Whether you need a guard to patrol and monitor site access or respond to emergencies and criminal breaches, our guards all bring enhanced situational awareness and diligent reporting standards to every organisation or workplace.

Cerberus risk assesses every site before implementing new security strategies, working together with every site manager to understand your key priorities, areas of highest risk, and where physical security guards will provide the best value protection.

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