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How are my personal data and video files protected?

We protect all formats of your data (including video files) in accordance with GDPR. GDPR harmonises data protection across Europe and ensures that all of your data is kept safe. For more details please read our Terms and Conditions or call us with any other questions.

Can CCTV do more than watch my site?

We can integrate gates, lights, doors, alarms and more into any business CCTV installation. These can then be operated remotely for additional security and provide a range of detailed MI. We are also able to provide a reliable CCTV monitoring service. Call our team today to discuss which security options best suit your needs.

Who do I call if I need assistance during "out of office" hours?

You can call our Alarm Receiving Centre on 0870 770 6811. The Alarm Receiving Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the most common crime that security experts face?

Unauthorised entry, vandalism and abuse are all commonly encountered by our security experts. All our security staff are trained to deal with these scenarios efficiently and professionally.

Are your security guards self-employed?

No; all of our security guards are full-time employees of Cerberus. All our officers are fully vetted and SIA licensed.

Our manned guards are licensed by the Security Industry Authority. This is an independent body that regulates the private security industry. SIA licensing offers an added reassurance our team are fit to guard your property.

How do I know Cerberus has attended an alarm activation?

If we visit your property, we will create and complete an activation report prior to departure. An activation report confirms the time, date and location of the alarm. We will also summarise the activation and the preventative measures taken during our visit which will be issued to you directly.

Do you offer alarm maintenance?

Yes, we provide alarm maintenance for all systems. To ensure your alarm system is working correctly, especially over long periods of time, it’s important to have routine maintenance inspections. 

Why should I have security installed?

In order to comply with insurance requirements and, you have a duty of care to ensure your property is secured. A combination of different security solutions, depending on your unique requirements, will ensure your property is safe and compliant with the requirements set by your insurance provider.

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