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Commercial Alarm Systems for Businesses

Cerberus provides a range of commercial alarm systems to protect property from vandalism, intrusion, theft and other security breaches. Ranging from motion detection and fire alarms to panic alarms and lone worker devices, our sophisticated commercial CCTV and alarm systems help keep your business protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Alarm monitoring systems are especially ideal for vacant properties, construction sites and remote locations where there is no, or limited, access to a source of mains electricity when combined with our wireless detection systems. Our security teams monitor alarm activations and CCTV systems at our NSI Gold monitoring station, so you can rest assured your property is protected no matter where it is located.

Whether your premises is occupied or unoccupied, and you want to detect intruders, prevent unauthorised access or alert in case of fire, our alarm monitoring services are the perfect solution to keep your property continually protected.

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Our Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems are essential for any business or organisation looking to professionally secure and protect their premises, assets and workers. We have a range of monitored alarm systems for adequate property protection.

Wireless Intruder Alarms and Detection Systems

Our intruder alarms can be wired or wireless, or a combination depending entirely on the circumstances and layout of the property to be protected. Wireless intruder alarms and detection systems are the perfect security solution for preventing unauthorised access to your premises or to prevent trespassing. These systems use motion detection to identify trespassers or burglars and suspicious activity once the alarm is armed.

Our alarm systems are designed to minimise false alarms and may also incorporate sophisticated anti-jamming technology.

Our wireless detection systems are cost-effective and convenient to install, especially in complex situations. All systems are routinely maintained by our internal teams to ensure they continue working at optimum efficiency.

An alarm will trigger if motion is detected, deterring the trespasser or intruder. Triggered alarms will sound an audible alarm and instantly send a notification to our alarm monitoring centre and promptly screened to determine its cause. Once an alarm has been confirmed as legitimate, police and security personnel will be notified and dispatched, in accordance with an agreed escalation procedure. Read more about our wireless intruder alarms.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our commercial fire alarm systems continually protect your business from costly and potentially fatal fire and smoke damage.

Our fire alarms detect smoke, heat and emergency glass breakpoints and will activate fire alarms throughout the premises to notify those in the building to evacuate. Our systems will typically be monitored by our Alarm Response Centre to alert the Fire Brigade to attend the incident.

As with all our alarm monitoring services, we routinely inspect your fire alarms and security alarms and all devices as part of a proactive alarm maintenance program. Our maintenance programs are typically six-monthly (biannual) and are designed to satisfy fire alarm regulations as regulated by law to ensure your alarm systems continue to function optimally.

Panic Alarm Systems

Cerberus panic alarms are designed for premises where there is a potential threat to the staff of intimidation, violence or attack from others within the premises. This may include shops or customer service environments.

Our panic alarm systems are silent, so as not to alert those in the vicinity, and can be set up to alert emergency services and activate commercial CCTV system recording.
With a robust panic alarm system in place, your staff can feel secure in the knowledge that rapid emergency response is available at the press of a button. Read more about our panic alarm systems here.

Lone Worker Devices

Lone worker devices, similar to panic alarms, are designed for personal use by workers who operate by themselves in remote locations. They are commonly used in working environments where workers are often alone or among few workers on a property, or in occupations where individual personnel may find themselves in danger.

Lone worker devices can be fitted to lanyards or worn as a watch so that staff can use the device no matter where they are on the premises. If they find themselves in danger or unwell, for example, workers can press the alarm button on their device. This signal is relayed to the alarm receiving centre where appropriate action will be taken to ensure the worker received urgent assistance. Read more about our lone worker systems.

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Do We Offer Alarm Monitoring?

Cerberus offers professional alarm monitoring of the highest quality for our commercial alarm systems. Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is certified Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate, a certification we maintain through regular auditing and reviews.

Our high standards are a result of our tried and tested monitoring and response procedures, which allows us to vet, escalate and dispatch emergency services and security personnel promptly once an alarm is raised.

This system has been developed with the expertise to provide the gold standard in alarm monitoring for all our clients, so you can rest assured you are receiving the very best in commercial CCTV monitoring and response.

Why Cerberus?

Cerberus has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses and organisations stay secure. As one of the UK’s leading independent providers of security solutions, we can provide bespoke guidance and security measures to protect your premises.

With a thorough risk assessment to identify the security measures you need, a straightforward installation that works for your business and regular reviews of your security setup, Cerberus is the solution for protecting your property now and into the future.

Contact our team today to discuss our commercial alarm systems, commercial CCTV monitoring, lone worker devices, wireless intruder alarms and alarm monitoring services. Alternatively, browse the rest of our security offerings across CCTV hire, CCTV maintenance, physical security, electronic security and vacant property security.

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