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Temporary Security Systems

As a flexible organisation we understand our customers’ requirements may be for short periods of time and as such we provide our CCTV systems on a temporary basis to assist in short term requirements you may have. In areas where no power is available our solar powered mobile CCTV towers will be installed. Installed within 30 minutes from arriving on site our inView CCTV range is compatible with all environments.

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Temporary CCTV Tower

Engineered to remain outside in all conditions, and fully independent of mains power or a hard-wired internet connection, inView CCTV towers are designed to be left unattended for long periods of time.

Tower units provide independent multipoint alarm coverage of large areas and is viewable and controllable remotely.

High-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and built-in solar panels will keep the unit fully functioning 24/7, with or without power, for an indefinite period.

Video Verified Alarm

Ideal for vacant properties, sites and remote locations where power is not available. Battery operated, this system offers 24/7 detection and monitoring of specific locations.

When a wireless alarm is activated it sends notification information to our alarm receiving centre. A dedicated security response, depending on the predefined protocol, will then be dispatched to investigate the activation. Emergency services will be notified where required.

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