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CCTV Tower Hire

CCTV towers are the first line of defence across vast areas of land. They are not only one of the most effective visual deterrents; they offer great protection and surveillance capabilities for areas such as car parks, construction sites and event sites. Cerberus provides CCTV tower hire to a wide variety of businesses in the public and private sectors, and they are one of the most popular CCTV systems, and for many reasons:

  • Mast mounted cameras are easily visible and act as a criminal deterrent.
  • Using towers enables your CCTV to cover a wide area, ideal for larger sites or events.
  • Cutting-edge technology allows us to offer high-performance systems, adapted to offer tailored surveillance.
  • That includes automatic motion activation, instant alerts, night vision and infrared, as well as pan, zoom and tilt functions to capture movements day or night.
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Our CCTV Tower Hire Services

Cerberus has years of experience safeguarding sports venues, events, construction sites, public access facilities, car parks and vacant properties. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all – and you need a professional assessment of your critical operational risks to identify the best security solution to provide the protection you need. We can recommend the ideal placements and positions to provide comprehensive surveillance.

Our CCTV tower hire services are inclusive of installation. Backed by the many years of expertise of the Cerberus teams, we ensure you understand exactly what areas are under surveillance, how to receive alerts and how your CCTV system works. There are multiple options in terms of the type of CCTV hire on offer, different camera functions, and power supply choices – and we’ll always recommend the optimal solutions to mitigate your primary risks.

Battery or Solar Powered CCTV Towers

We offer two power options that can be installed quickly, without any reliance on mains power or concern about how power outages might leave your site exposed.

Battery packs are professional standard, require minimal maintenance (read more about CCTV maintenance), and can last for years at a time. Every pack is weatherproof, wireless, and reliable.

Solar-powered battery systems come complete with built-in solar panels, ensuring that your CCTV towers recharge throughout the day, for seamless operation in the hours of darkness or low-light conditions.

The right power solution for you depends on the site layout and access points. Upon inspection, we will advise on power options, or rechargeable solar-powered battery systems depending on how long your CCTV tower hire is expected to be required.

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Advanced Recording and Activation Features

CCTV for businesses delivers real-time surveillance of premises, property, vehicles and personnel. Remote sensors are an excellent way of keeping control of your site when it is vacant, with activity detected even at significant distances.

  • Mobile network coverage ensures connectivity 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Independent power supply means a tamper-proof, always on CCTV system.
  • Multiple remote sensors detect activity both indoors and outdoors, over large areas.
  • Sensor activations initiate recording functions, with live camera feeds.
  • CCTV cameras include rotate, zoom, and focusing functions to record clear imagery of any attempted security breach.

Cerberus mast-mounted cameras offer the highest quality footage to ensure that if an intrusion does occur, it is captured in real-time, and is as clear as possible.

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Real-Time Multimedia Capture

Criminal activity is one risk factor to your premises however, others include severe weather conditions, fire, flooding, and gas leaks. Our teams provide a comprehensive range of alarms and sensors, either as a standalone or to complement your CCTV surveillance.

We know that when a security breach is detected, a rapid response is critical to minimise site damage, liaise with the authorities, and prevent any thefts from taking place.

Therefore, our CCTV tower hire offers a range of CCTV monitoring and multimedia capture options to give you total control and peace of mind.

  • Heat and motion sensors can detect a wide range of movements and triggers.
  • Real-time footage is transmitted via secure mobile networks to ensure reliability outside of mains Internet connections or phone lines.
  • Our NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre offers around the clock monitoring, with trained responders on hand to initiate rapid response protocols when a genuine intrusion is identified.
  • Footage and alerts can also be instantly notified to the site manager, with response protocols implemented according to your commands.

Infrared lighting and low-light cameras are ideal for high-value premises where the threat of break-ins is high. This enables us to capture clear images in any conditions, with footage shared with security teams or authorities as required to assist in the capture of the criminals.

Features of Cerberus CCTV Tower Hire

Our CCTV towers for hire offer advanced functionality and high-level performance, with features including:

  • Remote control systems, including mobile network communications and customised commands. CCTV towers can also be fitted with voice challenge features.
  • Complete weatherproofing. Our CCTV towers are built to endure any weather conditions, for the duration of your hire period.
  • Fast installation by our professional fitting teams – often taking less than half an hour with same-day live surveillance.
  • Around the clock protection, with infrared cameras and night vision lenses able to capture high-quality imagery any time of day or night.
  • Full autonomy, with independent batteries and solar-power avoiding any reliance on mains systems.
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Why Choose Cerberus?

The teams at Cerberus have years of CCTV tower hire experience, offering the scope to manage surveillance requirements for temporary events, short-term security or long-term protection.

Our systems deliver the highest quality CCTV, with the ability to protect even large, exposed sites, or premises vulnerable to intruders.

At Cerberus, it doesn’t matter whether you need a permanent, fixed CCTV tower to protect your car parking areas or a short hire period to cover a large scale event or construction project. We will always provide the highest levels of service, support and equipment whatever your requirements.

Contact the team for independent, professional advice about the best CCTV tower hire option for you; and we’ll get your premises protected, fast.

Related Services

Other CCTV options include:

Temporary Video Verified Alarms: Designed for temporary security requirements, our video verified alarms are ideal for vacant properties or empty sites. These alarm systems offer around the clock protection and bespoke monitoring for your most vulnerable access points. Video verification enables you – or our trained response team – to quickly identify the reason for the activation and initiate the appropriate response.

Commercial CCTV Installation: The Cerberus team designs, installs and maintains a large range of both fixed and temporary commercial CCTV solutions. From network / IP cameras and bullet CCTV cameras to C mount cameras and dome cameras, we have a solution suitable for almost all settings.

“I have worked closely with Ruth the BDM over the past 3 years, we find her to be one of an increasingly rare breed in business these days. She is not only polite, courteous and professional at all times but also possess a great character and refreshing sense of humour that makes working with her an absolute pleasure”

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