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Body Temperature Detection Cameras

Our body temperature detection system is an efficient way for organisations to temperature check their employees or customers on a mass scale. It can monitor the body temperature of up to 30 people in high-density areas, such as offices, supermarkets or manufacturing floors.

Comprising facial recognition technology and a thermal imaging camera, our body temperature system can detect and provide information in real-time, allowing you to take immediate action. This makes it a key and effective tool in the battle to further prevent the spread of the virus among key workers and the wider public.

With no vaccine yet in sight, the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has been through self-isolation and responsible social distancing. Aside from this, being aware of the symptoms and receiving a diagnosis as early as possible is key to further preventing the spread of the virus throughout the entire workforce and population.

With lockdowns slowly easing around the world, many people have, or will be, slowly returning to work. It is therefore of paramount importance that offices and companies can protect their staff and help to prevent them from catching the virus in any way possible.

Temperature checks have been an effective method so far, however, it isn’t always possible or cost-effective for organisations to use standard manual thermometers. This is where our body temperature detection systems add huge value and offer significantly increased efficiency.

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The need for mass body temperature scanners

Alongside a dry cough, body aches and tiredness, one of the main symptoms of Coronavirus is a fever, affecting at least 87.9% of people infected. Even a slight temperature indicates that the body and immune system are fighting an infection; however, some people might not even be aware of having a fever in the first place and might not understand that they could be a potential risk to others.

Unfortunately, not all businesses and organisations can afford the luxury of sending their staff to work from home if they are to continue to function.

Industries which include key workers such as health facilities and manufacturers rely on staff coming into work, despite the risk of spreading the virus remaining extremely high.

Non-contact handheld IR Laser thermometers have, up until now, been the most popular method of testing body temperatures of multiple individuals, due to the lack of physical contact. The process, however, is slow and impractical during a pandemic as users are restricted to only being able to test one person at a time which isn’t ideal for large offices with 500 plus employees.

The solution? Using our Body Temperature Detection Camera System for instant mass body temperature checks.

  • Our solution allows for instant and accurate facial temperature checks of groups of up to 30 people simultaneously, with live readings displayed on a monitor fed into a Network Video Recorder (NVR).
  • When body temperature is at what is considered to be a fever, of 38 degrees Celsius or over, an alert is then triggered.
  • The camera offers incredibly fast response rates and is the ideal way to implement elevated body screenings for employees, visitors, commuters, shoppers and construction workers, aiding in the detection of potentially infected individuals and saving thousands of lives during pandemics such as Covid-19

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Body Temperature Detection System Video

Multiple-person monitoring
Up to 30 target temperatures can be measured simultaneously at a distance of up to 7m from the camera

Real-time face recognition 
A proprietary face-recognition algorithm is used to accurately measure the temperature of a person’s face

Bi-spectrum, dual channel, all-weather
Visible light is all that’s required to capture the human face, allowing thermal imaging to monitor body temperature under a variety of conditions

High level of accuracy
Depending on the option chosen, modified ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C (emissivity, distance, ambient temperatures)

How does our body temperature detection system work?

Our thermal cameras are specifically designed to detect elevated body temperatures which could result in the presence of a fever and, therefore, an infection.

Any object with a temperature above zero will emit a detectable amount of thermal radiation which a thermal camera, with its high-temperature accuracy, will be able to pick up. The camera then converts this infrared radiation into grayscale values and matches those to temperature values using an algorithm model.

The system includes: 

  • A Thermal Camera
  • Measurement accuracy ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C depending on the option chosen
  • Measurement distance: 0.8m-2.5m or 2m-7m depending on the option chosen
  • Up to 30 individuals at any given time
  • Blackbody Calibration Unit
  • Blackbody is a standard temperature source used for temperature calibration 
  • As measurements are affected by environmental factors, this device calibrates in real-time
  • Smart NVR
  • Integrated with facial detection
  • Suitable for single-point emergency deployment and small or medium-sized project selection

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Where Can The Body Temperature Detection System be Used?

Medical Facilities – With medical workers fighting on the front line to keep the rest of us safe, it is vital that we also contribute to minimising the spread of infection to ensure that their efforts are not in vain. Our body temperature detection system can be used in hospitals, doctors surgeries and in pop-up hospitals where there is a high and unavoidable footfall of both medical staff and members of the general public.

Public Transport While using public transport at this moment in time is not advisable unless absolutely necessary, those who are required to go to work might not have any other alternative methods of travel. To make public transport safer, our temperature scanners can be placed in travel hubs such as train stations and airports to quickly and accurately detect infected passengers, resulting in further reduction of virus contamination, providing peace of mind.

Supermarkets – During the height of the pandemic, supermarket visits have always been deemed essential to stock up on supplies. Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, supermarkets continue to remain busy. Additional precautions such as body temperature scanners would be an effective extra measure, alongside social distancing, to stop the spread of the virus within stores, creating a safe environment for people to do their shopping.

Large scale public events – While the majority of events are cancelled, and look to remain that way for the foreseeable future, press conferences and some other public events, with large groups of people are still taking place. Our detection system can help give both event workers and audiences the reassurance they need to attend large scale venues safely and would also be highly useful in the future to monitor and assess risks during cold and flu seasons.

Other places our body temperature detections scanners would be useful include: schools and universities, shopping centres and government buildings as well as military bases.

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